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Every Heart Aflame

Our desire is that we, and you, should become logs in the midst of God’s holy fire. We don’t care how spectacular you look, but we definitely want you to produce warmth and light to transform your world over the long term.

We want God’s
fire to be properly kindled. This is what we work towards.
Hence our mission statement at “Kindling Ministries”:

“Every heart aflame”
This is our prayer for you; this is what we labour towards, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

  Our Philosophy

At Kindling Ministries, we very much believe that you (and nobody else!) are the best judge of what God is saying to you, and what he is asking you to do. Our aim is not to lord it over you in any way or to attempt to tell you what God alone can tell you, but rather to provide you with resources so that, when God speaks to you, you are in a position to investigate more thoroughly what he is saying to you.

Moreover, we also recognise that different people learn in different ways. Some of us learn more naturally by meditating, others by using our imagination, others by following a studious approach. Knowing this, we always endeavour to provide a number of different techniques in our studies to suit your way of learning. (In fact, if you have any suggestions for additional ways of presenting the message, we would be glad if you would let us know). Our intention is not that you should follow our material sequentially (as if it were Scripture), but rather than you should follow the Spirit's leading as you work your way through our studies.

In essence, you should think of our studies as a smorgasbord rather than an a la carte menu. Some sections of our study will not appear relevant to you in your current position – feel free to read these sections once, and then move on. No one will look down on you for doing that – in fact, if this is in fact where you are with God, you would be wasting your efforts by not doing this. But sooner or later you will find (we hope) a section where God is seeking to address something in your life. When you reach such a place, our intention is to provide you with a wide range of additional resources and options for you to explore this theme with the only true Teacher, so that you can be edified and His purposes accomplished through you.

In other words, listen to the voice of the Father as you work your way through our material, focusing on what he says and not on what we say. If you do this, we are confident that you will be blessed.


"Kindling Ministries" study materials may be downloaded and used free of charge, provided you agree to the following basic conditions:

That copyright and all other legal rights vest with the author, and that you will acknowledge this whenever the materials are quoted in any form. (A suitable wording is to acknowledge the author’s name and add: "(provided by kind permission of www.kindlingministries.com)";
That you will only quote the materials in their proper context, and will not in any way seek to distort the meaning of them by editing or by any other means;
That, if you pass copies (either electronic or other) onto third parties, you will ensure that they agree to be bound by these same conditions.

If you agree to the above terms then you may download the below
study materials.

The Life and Kingdom of Jesus the Messiah
The Message of the Cross
Living Beyond the Rules
Encountering God in the Bible
Devotional Commentary of the Bible
Jubilee Freedom!

If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat software, download the Abode Acrobat Reader software. This will allow you to read documents that you download or view on the web.


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