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Every Heart Aflame

Our desire is that we, and you, should become logs in the midst of God’s holy fire. We don’t care how spectacular you look, but we definitely want you to produce warmth and light to transform your world over the long term.

We want God’s
fire to be properly kindled. This is what we work towards.
Hence our mission statement at “Kindling Ministries”:

“Every heart aflame”
This is our prayer for you; this is what we labour towards, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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Message series

Series of messages previously published here.


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That you will only quote the materials in their proper context, and will not in any way seek to distort the meaning of them by editing or by any other means;
That, if you pass copies (either electronic or other) onto third parties, you will ensure that they agree to be bound by these same conditions.

If you agree to the above terms then you may download the below
study materials.

Message series
Paul - heart and mnd aflame
  Gospel lessons from the life of Paul.
Blessed are 'Les Miserables'
  The musical “Les Miserables” is a tremendous spiritual experience, as well as being a wonderful literary and musical one.
Why bother with the church?
  Why should those disillusioned with the church persevere?
Hebrews - fixing our thoughts on Jesus
  The letter to the Hebrews exhorts us to fix our thoughts on Jesus
Four ancient boundary stones
  A detailed discussion of four foundational issues of Christian discipleship - repentance, faith, baptism, and receiving the Holy Spirit
The kingdom of love
  What is it like to live in a realm where the distinctive characteristic of the King, and therefore of everything significant in the kingdom, is pure unadulterated love?
Rethinking our theology
Challenging some long-cherished beliefs that may be hindering our growth in Christ today
Becoming an approved workman
  How to correctly handle the Bible, the word of truth
A matter of life and death
  How you live - according to the Spirit or the flesh - it something so important that the New Testament calls it a matter of life and death.
How can we live right?
  Learning to live right - righteousness - is fundamental to the New Testament, and especially to Paul's letter to the Romans, which teaches us not only how important it is, but also how to achieve it at the practical level.
  The book of 1 John gives us a series of 'signposts' so that we can be sure that we are not deceived about being on the pathway to eternal life.  Are you seeing these signposts in your life?
Interpreting this current age
  How should we as Christians be interpreting this present time in the western world?  What does the Bible have to say about what God is doing and saying in our age of moral decay and increasing levels of social injustice?
Matthew 14-16:  a blueprint for the Kingdom
  Mt. 14-16 provides a blueprint for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in our world, and explains why some churches (especially in developing countries) are transforming their communities with the power of the gospel, and others (especially in more developed countries) are struggling to do so.  What is this blueprint?
Two things that are vitally important
  The book of Hebrews describes two things - faith and holiness - as vitally important to our walk with God.  What are these two things, and how do we cultivate them?  How do they work together to mature us as disciples of Jesus, enabling us to deal with any situation life may throw our way?
The prophetic church
  The church has a holy calling to be a prophetic body - ministering the presence of God, testifying the word of God, and acting consistently with that message - in a world of darkness.  How do we ensure that we understand and put into practice this glorious destiny?
  Miscellaneous unclassified messages
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