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Every Heart Aflame

Our desire is that we, and you, should become logs in the midst of God’s holy fire. We don’t care how spectacular you look, but we definitely want you to produce warmth and light to transform your world over the long term.

We want God’s
fire to be properly kindled. This is what we work towards.
Hence our mission statement at “Kindling Ministries”:

“Every heart aflame”
This is our prayer for you; this is what we labour towards, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Special message (dated 30/8/13)
Welcome to the war zone!


“Kindling Ministries” was offline for 11 weeks from late June 2013 due to a cyber-attack from what appears to be Muslim fundamentalists opposed to the Assad regime in Syria.  The attack proved to have serious ramifications, and we are in the process of rebuilding our website so that we can continue the work God has given us to do.  We ask you to join with us in prayer (and let us know that you are doing so) because it is only together, and with the help of God, that anything truly valuable can be achieved.

Welcome back to all our faithful readers, who are probably wondering what has been happening to “Kindling Ministries” for the last 2 months.  The answer is fairly simple, fairly sobering – and it contains a lesson for all of us!

A brief history

Shortly after 15 June, 2013, our website was hacked by a group who appear to be Muslim fundamentalists of some description.  By the message they left us, they appear to be opponents of the Assad regime in Syria.  Why they targeted our website is unclear – we are not advocates for or against any side in that sad conflict – nor is it clear exactly how they managed to infiltrate us.  Anyway, whatever their reasons or methods, that is what they did.

This is now the second time that we have been attacked by Muslim extremists – a sad initiation into the ways of the internet.  Personally, I don’t know whether to be offended or to feel privileged to suffer “persecution”!  The first time we were attacked (some two years ago) only took us a short while to return to “business as usual”.  This time, however, the story was different.

I don’t understand the full technical details, but essentially the hackers had installed a virus in our website which had passed undetected into our backups.  This means that we have had to start from scratch with a new design.  Hopefully, you will find it a bit better to use than the previous one, but it has taken us the past 11 weeks to do all the necessary maintenance work to get us this far.

Our work is not yet completed – we only maintain this website in our spare time, and we still have to rebuild all the documents in the library – but we have now reached a stage where we can go “on-line” again.  And so, here we are!  Thank you for your patience.  We hope to have the job done and return to full “business as usual” over the next few weeks.

A lesson

So what is this “lesson” I mentioned at the start of this message?  Simply this:  whether we like it or not, all of us who follow the Lord Jesus Christ are in a war zone!  As I mentioned above, I have mixed emotions about what has happened to us at “Kindling Ministries”.  The attack on our work seemed so senseless from a human perspective – at a surface level, one wonders what these people thought they might achieve by attacking our work, it is hardly likely at any level to help their cause, and one has to pity people who devote so much zeal and energy to such a trivial and vindictively hateful pursuit.  From a spiritual perspective, our sufferings can be viewed as “persecution for the sake of Christ”, but somehow I struggle to make such grandiose claims for such a petty act of vandalism.

The reality is that we at “Kindling Ministries” are in a war zone – and that means that we will from time to time become targets for enemy attacks.  We are being faithful (or at least trying to be faithful) to what God has called us to do, and any believer who steps out in such a spirit will suffer similar experiences.  There is no need to over-dramatise it – compared with the sufferings of many faithful disciples around the world, our lot in life is easy – but we nevertheless need to face the facts and respond accordingly.

Our response

So what is our response to this situation?  Firstly, we will not be diverted from our purpose to bring “every heart aflame”.  And we will certainly not descend to the level of recrimination or hatred.  As I said above, I am more inclined to pity than to hate those who feel they can achieve anything for their cause by attacking our website.  No, as disciples of Jesus we are called to love all men and women, and that is what we will continue to do.

However, what we will also do is be vigilant in prayer to counteract all of the works of our enemy, the devil, who is undoubtedly behind (ultimately, if not directly) what has been going on.  We are not unaware of his schemes, and we have weapons at our disposal which are fully able to deal with anything he might throw our way.

If you are a regular reader of this website – if what we are doing here has blessed you in any way over the past few years – then we ask you, in Jesus’ name, to join with us in praying for the protection of this our work of love.  We cannot do this work alone; you are an important part of it.  So please demonstrate your solidarity with us by praying, so that the work of God can continue unhindered.

And finally, if you are praying with us and for us, we would love to know that so that we can be encouraged by your faithfulness, and so that we can pray also for you.  In that spirit, please send us a message indicating that you are praying.  We would truly love to hear from you!




Phil Stott


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