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Every Heart Aflame

Our desire is that we, and you, should become logs in the midst of God’s holy fire. We don’t care how spectacular you look, but we definitely want you to produce warmth and light to transform your world over the long term.

We want God’s
fire to be properly kindled. This is what we work towards.
Hence our mission statement at “Kindling Ministries”:

“Every heart aflame”
This is our prayer for you; this is what we labour towards, with the help of the Holy Spirit.
  Welcome to "Kindling Ministries"

19/1/19 - New message series "the prophetic church" commenced


Please read 'Our Vision' and, if you like what you read, please stay and be part of our work. Our website provides you with Christian Bible study materials and one-off studies to help you kindle the flame of God in your life and in your world. The most popular postings are included in the home page below, but the full list can be found in the library . All our materials can be downloaded free of charge (subject to certain basic conditions), so please feel free to explore, to enjoy, and use our studies. It is what they are here for – to serve you, and to help you to keep the fire of God burning. And don’t forget to email us using the 'Contact us' page if you have any words of encouragement or any other comments.

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Current Message


Part 6:  The prophetic church and worldly power

Should Christians and the Church be involved in worldly politics?  This question has been vitally relevant since the 4th century.  We can do a power of good, but we can also be sucked into an horrific compromise of our very prophetic identity.  If we do get involved, what is important is that we do not compromise the truth of our message in order to achieve our political objectives; that we maintain a true understanding of what “the world” is and what our relationship is with it; and that we do not prioritise worldly power over the way of the cross by seeking it as an end in itself.  What is your highest priority:  seeking the Kingdom of God, or seeking to make society more “Christian”?


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