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Every Heart Aflame

Our desire is that we, and you, should become logs in the midst of God’s holy fire. We don’t care how spectacular you look, but we definitely want you to produce warmth and light to transform your world over the long term.

We want God’s
fire to be properly kindled. This is what we work towards.
Hence our mission statement at “Kindling Ministries”:

“Every heart aflame”
This is our prayer for you; this is what we labour towards, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

About Us

"Kindling Ministries" is operated by Phil Stott, a Christian living in Melbourne, Australia. Phil is a businessman who owns his own consultancy (actuarial) and has business interests in both Australia and the UK. In his spiritual life, Phil is a member of Crossway North Baptist church where he is involved in teaching and prophetic ministry. He is married to a wonderful woman, Renee, and has four quickly-becoming-adult children.

Phil Stott doing Archery

Phil's Family

Phil first encountered Jesus Christ over 30 years, and is most passionate about seeing individual Christians and communities "last the distance" with God. The road of discipleship is an incredible blessing, but it is not an easy way. If it were, more people would follow it! Taking up your cross is never an easy option, and there are many shallow counterfeits available to tempt you. But the race that we are called to pursue is a long-distance event, not a sprint, and we need endurance. Having a deep understanding of the ways of God, and communing with him regularly through the Scriptures is an important part of developing this endurance.br />
Phil believes that there is a link between what we believe, and how we work out our faith in the world we live in. Sometimes we are hindered from serving the Lord because we have an incomplete understanding of God’s purposes and plans for our life – of what the Scriptures in fact teach. When such obstacles are removed from our path, we feel a burden lifted from our backs, and experience the glorious freedom of being able to move on with God. This is where Phil believes God has gifted him – to speak into such areas, not for the sake of being "doctrinally pure", but so that we can be set free to follow Jesus more closely.

Here is what should motivate us all: the gospel of Jesus is far more incredible, far more life-transforming, far more positive, than any of us dream! So let’s learn together how to tap into that amazing richness of grace, grace that has been freely given to us all for the sake of a lost and dying world.

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